miercuri, 6 martie 2013

Let go sad... i wanna make it funny!

I was running away from you
when you were coming, to be two

 But when i saw the look in your eyes
 i notice you just camed to say goodbyes

 You came to hold my hand and stay with me
feeling so ashamed you had another,but i could not see

Here u come for me, crying, begging my heart
 suddenly for me it is cold, it gets dark

I cant be with you again, i am not the old me
i was surrended by you so bad, but now i am free

 I have the sky, the water and the trees
 i don.t want you here, at my knees

 Thank you for showing me the true me
now i can breath the air, and my eyes can see

Don.t cry, is too late
 this had to happen anyway, is faith

 I love now but not you... i love nature, i love the sea
i love to hide myself in the leaves, and be like a butterfly and bee

 I love the others less, and more i love miself
 i could not be wrong again, remembering what i felt

 I love looking at myself in the mirror, and see what i love most
 i love going free in the forest, and dont care if i got lost

Cause everytime, i find the right way...
as today with you, so be gone, don.t stay

You made me know, i dont need you
i would be so angry, if i didnt know

So thank god i am happy, and not worried again
i was too hurt loosing you once, like just missing the train

 Now the train crashed, and i am happy i wasnt there
and i found a lovely boat in the river, that would take me anywhere

The wind is my friend, and the dolphins my song
no matter how much i will travell for love, i am not alone

 The birds are singing to me, and the sun is warming my heart
the water is carrying me, and i love kissing the light

 When i look in the shy, i get million angel hugs
i can.t compare you with them... maybe with bugs 

 The wind is touching my air, and scream when it feels it
the water drops is obsessed with moving on my skin, making it wet

 I make love with nature, better than you could ever make me feel
watter, the wind can never hurt me ...they just heal

I kiss the roses, and taste them with my lips
 i hug the tree stems, and put them around my hips

They live me breathless...and i am comming for more, and more
i am sand.s sclave...he allways put me on the floor

 Can we stop...it got to far for continuing
making love, bla bla..to much screaming

 Haha sais a rabbit seeing us in action
 he don.t wanna disturb, just ask for the right dirrection

 He saw the sand tickles my body
 i thought, that will make him get scary...

But then he comes close, and become our guest...
i could continue writing, but...you imagine the rest! ;-) :-p 

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